My Story

I grew up along the Salmon river along the Sawtooth mountains in a little town called Stanley Idaho. I spent all my summers fishing, hiking, crossing rivers, catching snakes and frogs and just enjoying the beauty of the wild mountains. I have Native American roots and have always felt a deep connection to nature. I found the best way to keep in touch, besides being in the mountains, is through my art.

My favorite mediums to work with are watercolor and ceramics.


Wildlands Artistry ceramic products are handcrafted individually by myself. A lot of love, pride, and time is put into each piece. My items are not created in a factory assembly line, but all are hand sculpted by me, which makes every item unique. Each item may slightly differ from the next.

I try to make each item as closely similar as I can but because they are all hand sculpted, each item will have it's own, individual uniqueness.

I update my shop as I make items, you can follow my instagram @wildlandsartistry to see sneak peaks of items i'll be listing! I sometimes will have several of one item, but usually I do one unique piece at a time. I will sometimes recreate pieces. If there is an item I have made but is no longer in my shop, please feel free to contact me about making another especially for you.

I hope you all can enjoy my “work” as much as I do!

You can follow my adventures on facebook or instagram: