Golden feather tree ornament, ceramic ornament , nature ornament,

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Golden feather tree ornament, ceramic ornament , nature ornament,

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This ornament is great for the outdoor and nature enthusiast. It's hand made and painted and is accented with 22k gold stars. Comes with a leather cord for hanging.

Each item is handmade and will vary slightly.
The process to making ceramics not only takes time but is quite a breathtaking process!

1) The clay is hand sculpted into the figurine (so no figurine will ever be exactly alike) and then let dry for a couple of days to dry out all of the moisture
2) Bisque fired at approximately 1800 degrees F. This hardens the totem making it hard and durable
3) The glazing is where the real enchantment happens. This is where colors are added giving the totem it's character. Then it is fired again at a lower temperature
4) Finally this is the step where any (REAL 22k) gold/white gold accents are applied and then fired one last time

Each item is ready for gifting!

>>----> PLEASE NOTE: These are ceramic and are breakable <----<<

∆∆∆ Colors on actual totem may be slightly different than what is seen on the monitor ∆∆∆

To keep up to date on any new items I will be posting or to see behind the scenes follow me on instagram @wildlandsartistry

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